Ask and Answer Questions

Ask and Answer Questions Hoops College likes to ask and answer questions.  We want to figure out what works, what doesn’t work, and how we can do it better. We will provide a holistic approach to teaching and learning to play the game of basketball individually and collectively.  It is not enough to just have […]

Framework for Basketball Players and Coaches


Framework for Basketball Players and Coaches The Framework’s Framework We are providing a framework for growth and improvement.  We believe that a strong foundation in fundamentals will lead to success. The more we coach players, watch players be coached, and observe the game in general, the more we learn. The Read & React offense provided […]

Purpose of Hoops College

The Purpose of Hoops College Hoops College was once a way to share philosophies on offensive basketball.  Then it evolved into sharing all sorts of thoughts on not only basketball but leadership and just life in general.  Hoops College will still do that, but it is doing more. We know we have a bigger purpose. […]

Hoops College Blog is Back

Hoops College Blog is Back The blog was alive and well for over 7 years.  It started as a way for one person to share thoughts about offensive basketball. Then it evolved to provide content about basketball, leadership, and life. Thousands of people all over the world were readers of the content. When internet criminals […]