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Hoops College likes to ask and answer questions.  We want to figure out what works, what doesn’t work, and how we can do it better. We will provide a holistic approach to teaching and learning to play the game of basketball individually and collectively.  It is not enough to just have a good culture or just be good at skill development.  It is not enough to just play good offense or defense. The best teams might not be the best at everything but they certainly don’t have glaring weaknesses.  We want to help players, coaches and teams be elite at what they are great at, and improve at the things that might be glaring weaknesses that keep them from reaching their potential.

For example, teams certainly play offense and defense separately, but one inevitably impacts the other.  It’s easier to play good defense when you score.  It’s harder to play good defense if you struggle with turnovers or shot selection. Then of course, there is the transition from one to the other which in many cases leads to a good offensive or defensive possession. We will provide expertise and perspectives from all angles. You don’t have to agree with everything. You don’t have to agree with anything. We just hope we can challenge you to think in a way that will make you better.

The better we teach the game, the better our players will learn it. Extensive experience, research, and conversations have led to the development of the philosophies and practices we will discuss. Hoops College does not claim to have the best way or the only way.  However, we hope our philosophy can help make yours a little better.

We are always learning and will be incorporating new ideas into this ever-changing documentation of coaching and playing the game. However, the foundation of this philosophy comes from the basics of the game. This approach holistic, progressive, and aggressive. It teaches offense and defense from the ground up, in a way that provides players and teams a path to success.

There are a few questions we’re trying to answer. How can we…

  1. Better teach the game?

  2. Grow our game?

  3. Help players quickly adapt to any situation they face?

  4. Mold our philosophy to coach more types of players with fewer changes in what we teach?

  5. Teach offense and defense at the same time and be great at both?

  6. Help players improve the most?

There is no way for one blog post or one podcast will answer questions. For us, this is an ongoing quest for the best ways to do things. Then we want to ask how we can do those things even better. We hope that you will join us. Maybe you never share until that one thing hits you. Maybe you always share because you have lots of ideas. Whatever the case, we want to invite the world to join us in trying to make the best game in the world better.

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