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Aram Parunak

The blog was alive and well for over 7 years.  It started as a way for one person to share thoughts about offensive basketball. Then it evolved to provide content about basketball, leadership, and life. Thousands of people all over the world were readers of the content.

When internet criminals brought the blog to its digital knees, all of the advantages of the technology came crashing down. Therefore, the blog disappeared for a few months. However, we have had numerous requests to bring it back. This post is notice to the bad guys that we’re back. Now, the content will be revived

d and refreshed. It will be more diverse and at the same time more specific. The blog will contain content in a variety of forms about all kinds of topics.

Thank you for your patience as Hoops College is been in the dark working to build a resource to improve the game of basketball through improving the individuals that participate in it.

Hoops College Logo

We love the game, but even more, we love having your back. We want to impact your life not only your experience on the court.  Along with the blog, we are now offering courses for coaches and players to help them improve.  Also, we are producing podcasts for coaches and players. Those episodes will be available within the next two weeks.

We would love your questions, feedback, and suggestions. We are excited to work to make the game better one coach and one player at a time.

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