Why Should You Call A Timeout?

Every timeout is precious.  We have a limited number of timeouts so we must choose to use them wisely. Every coach has their own philosophy about why you call a timeout, but we want to challenge you to think about why you call them. Do you call them for any reason or do you call them for only a couple of reasons?  Does your team understand why you call them? If you’re on the same page with your team and your staff regarding why you use timeouts, they will be better prepared to make the most of them.

  1. Set our defense
  2. Set our offense
  3. Make a substitution
  4. Rest, because you don’t want to make a substitution
  5. Celebrate success
  6. Point out Slippage
  7. Change momentum
  8. Prevent a turnover
  9. Ice a FT shooter
  10. Talk to official

Just remember that when you take a timeout, the opposing coach has the opportunity to do these other things as well. Maybe you don’t care what the other coach has the opportunity to do, because you what you want to do is more important.  Are timeouts the only way to accomplish what you want to accomplish at that time? Timeouts are so valuable in every game. Is it possible to find other ways to communicate your message and save your timeouts for when you really need them? Those snap decisions to call a time out just because you’re angry can come back to bite you when you wish you had one at another point in the game.

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