Breakdown for Attack Dribble (2 players 1 action)

The Breakdown for Attack Dribble This post starts the breakdown for Attack Dribble Layer starting with 2 on 0 player building blocks and build up to 5 on 5.  Individual skill development is critical. This breakdown will provide numerous to incorporate skill development as team concepts are built. One big question that some might ask: […]

The Hoops College Methodology

The Hoops College Methodology Hoops College strives to present things in a very clear concise and organized methodology. As we present topics, each section will begin with a description of the topic. Next, points of emphasis and fundamentals for the players involved in the action will follow the general description. These points of emphasis are […]

Attack Dribble Breakdown

Attack Dribble Breakdown Since this Attack Dribble breakdown is the first layer we have covered, we are only able to execute one action at a time for two reasons. 1.  Players don’t know what to do when they pass the ball. 2.  Players don’t know how to react in the post. This will change when […]

Circle Movement Introduction

Circle Movement Circle Movement is the term to describe what players without the ball should do when the ball is driven.  Simply it means that when the ball is driven towards the basket all perimeter players must rotate in the same direction that the ball is driven. In other words, they move in a circle […]

Defense Wins Championships, Right?

Defense Wins Championships, Right? Defense is just as important if not more important than offense. It really does win championships. As much as I believe that we should let players play the game in this style on the offensive end, I believe more strongly that successful teams play good defense. I believe this style of […]

Dribble First

Dribble First Bob Knight once said that he would like to take his guards to an island with 1,000 basketballs and tell them to dribble until there was no air left in the balls so that when they came back they would be tired of dribbling. That’s not an exact quote, but it’s close; you […]

Outline the Basics for Read & React

This post will provide an outline of the basics for Read & React style of play. Players can start in a 5-out, 4-out 1-in, or 3-out 2-in alignment.  The 3-out and 5-out alignments use the same spots for player landmarks. The spots in a 4 out are very similar except that the top spot is split […]

Changing My Least Favorite Part of Practice (Episode 6)

Changing My Least Favorite Part of Practice Here are 8 reasons why you might dread a certain part of practice.  In this episode we discuss some strategies to help you address these situations. Your players probably enjoy your favorite part of practice. Your energy is definitely contagious to them. Maybe you have to fake your […]

My Favorite Part of Practice ft. Rhet Wierzba (Episode 5)


My Favorite Part of Practice Practice is our classroom. If we don’t get excited when we get to teach this game, then we probably should find a new profession.  Of course, we can still get excited on game day, but we need to value the process. We need to enjoy our limited opportunities to help […]

Ask and Answer Questions

A blue high-top basketball shoe with white laces and a speckled white sole, designed to answer questions with its small red logo on the side.

Ask and Answer Questions Hoops College likes to ask and answer questions.  We want to figure out what works, what doesn’t work, and how we can do it better. We will provide a holistic approach to teaching and learning to play the game of basketball individually and collectively.  It is not enough to just have […]

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