Basketball Training is Hard

Thanks for the email. Our basketball training is hard. What we’ve learned in doing this is that when a player is eager and hungry to get better, they pester their parents or grandparents or whomever and they figure out how to come to see us as much as they can. Just like I said when […]

Dear Parent of a Prospective College Basketball Player

Parent of a Prospective College Basketball Player, Thanks for reaching out to us.  I know we probably talk a little differently than most people.  It’s because our experience and our approach are very different. Honestly, playing college basketball is not very hard to do. We’ve been around the game for a long time. We could […]

Sifting Through the Garbage

Honestly, social media is exhausting. Recently, I struggle to understand it to the point that I find myself avoiding it. My question is how real is it? Anyone can make things look good in a picture or short video. But even then a lot of things are trash.

Recruiting Services Review Conclusion

Recruiting Services Review Conclusion In our recruiting services review conclusion, it is important to understand that things are always changing. Technology especially has changed everything in recruiting. 15 years ago Facebook Instagram and Twitter weren’t even a thing. In 15 more years who knows what things will be like. Right now people who think you […]

Recruiting Service Review Part 4

Recruiting Service Review Part 4 In Part 4 of the recruiting services review, we are going to talk about their lack of effort and expertise in evaluating talent. Recruiting services love sending emails that say that “this player can play for your program.” First of all, I have never received a phone call from ANY […]

Recruiting Services Review Part 3

Recruiting Services Review Part 3 In the Recruiting Services Review Part 3, we talk about part of the lack of education that these services provide. The first couple of episodes in this series talked about things you can do for yourself better than someone else can do them for you. However, any service, no matter […]

Recruiting Services Review Part 2

Recruiting Services Review Part 2 Our recruiting services review started with a couple reasons that they are not necessary. You already have a profile if you have a social media account and that’s a very easy and effective way to connect with college coaches. We’ll say for now that you think that profile is worth […]

Recruiting Service Review Part 1

Many athletes and their families think they need a recruiting service in order to get a scholarship. This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Over the next 5 episodes, we will share with you why you don’t need them and even more why they are a waste of money.

The Reality of a Redshirt Opportunity

The Reality of a Redshirt Opportunity In the recruiting process, you might be offered the opportunity to redshirt. Some coaches will be very honest and upfront about how this works. Others may not be as honest. At the end of the day, college basketball is a business. In many cases, colleges and universities use their […]

Make Things Happen Yourself

Make Things Happen Yourself Let’s be real. Most of you aren’t doing what you could or should be doing to make things happen for yourself.  You think you are, but really you’re waiting on your mom, dad, coach, trainer, handler, recruiting service, or somebody else to do it for you.  You really are just dreaming. […]