Recruiting is More Than Just Sales

Recruiting is more than just a sales pitch.  Some coaches are labeled as good recruiters because people think they can make a good sales pitch to attract the talent that they want.  That may be true.  But the best recruiters can also evaluate talent.  This goes for players as well. The players who have the […]

The Buck Stops Here

As a head coach and as a coaching staff, it is our responsibility to accept fault for every failure and give away the credit for every success. It is much easier to point fingers than it is to look in the mirror.  Players are not responsible for the schedule.  They are not responsible for recruiting […]

What are College Coaches Looking For?

It’s recruiting season.  The NCAA D1 men’s transfer portal for men’s basketball has over 1300 athletes and counting.  That’s one-third of all the players.  When you add the thousands of junior college, postgrad, and high school players that are out there, the question is. What are college coaches looking for? It’s a complicated “formula” that […]

For Serious Basketball Players

If you consider basketball just a recreational sport, that’s great, but this isn’t for you. Basketball is a great way to exercise, socialize and compete. It is great for recreation, but that’s not how we think about it. However, if you have any desire to play basketball at a competitive level, here are some things […]

Improve Youth Basketball

Attention Youth Basketball Parents and Coaches, It isn’t about you or me.  It’s about the kids. If we want to improve youth basketball, that’s the first problem that we have to solve.  The best thing I can do about that is live what I’m saying with every person we work with.  We see too many […]

Basketball Training is Hard

Thanks for the email. Our basketball training is hard. What we’ve learned in doing this is that when a player is eager and hungry to get better, they pester their parents or grandparents or whomever and they figure out how to come to see us as much as they can. Just like I said when […]

Dear Parent of a Prospective College Basketball Player

Parent of a Prospective College Basketball Player, Thanks for reaching out to us.  I know we probably talk a little differently than most people.  It’s because our experience and our approach are very different. Honestly, playing college basketball is not very hard to do. We’ve been around the game for a long time. We could […]

The Lack of Fundamental Development

The lack of fundamental development in youth basketball is alarming. Over the last few months, I’ve watched more bad basketball than I ever care to watch. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t care that players are either good or bad. That is irrelevant. What bothers me is the lack of teaching, development, and accountability that […]

Are You Ever Really Ready?

Are you ever really ready? Before you have a child, did you know what it was going to be like to be a parent? Before you got married, did you know what it was going to be like to be married? Before you were the boss, did you know what it was like to have […]

Reasons Kids Should Play Recreational Basketball

stop playing recreational basketball

Working with kids of all ages has been an interesting learning experience when it comes to their growth and development with the game of basketball.  I’m still trying to figure out why kids should play recreational basketball. Can anyone give me any reasons why? I can give you a bunch of reasons why they shouldn’t. […]

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