Relentless Life, Loved Unconditionally

Are you living a relentless life? Do you realize that you are loved unconditionally? I find a lot of people wandering through life. “What is My Purpose? Why am I here?  What am I doing?” 

A lot of those people are “grown up already.”  Sometimes I act like one of those people. I think at some point, we all have those thoughts. In these moments, I remind myself of my purpose.  It helps me and so I hope it can help you.  

I believe it your purpose is to live. You have a life. So live it. Live it relentlessly.   I remember that it’s not about me or one moment or one failure.  It is all about taking one more step forward and then taking another step forward. Whether the result of each step is failure or success doesn’t matter.  It’s just about taking one more step. Maybe even live it recklessly?  What if you weren’t afraid to take chances? Do you see opportunities to fail as opportunities to learn and grow? What if you saw your 

You were giving life to make your life better and to make the lives of others around you better. Stop wandering through life and really think about your purpose and how you can live it every day.

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