Relentless Life, Loved Unconditionally (Episode 22)

Relentless Life, Loved Unconditionally Are you living a relentless life? Do you realize that you are loved unconditionally? I find a lot of people wandering through life. “What is My Purpose? Why am I here?  What am I doing?”  A lot of those people are “grown up already.”  Sometimes I act like one of those people. I […]

Positive Matters ft. Shawn Postiglione (Episode 21)

Positive Matters In the heat of competition, or just in every day life being positive matters. Coach Shawn Postiglione of Bridgewater University talks about how and why positivity is such an important part of his life and the culture of his program. Why is it important for you to be positive? How does your culture […]

Conflict & Competition (Episode 19)

Conflict & Competition Conflict and competition can be either good or bad.  It’s about your perspective. You’ve probably heard, if you can’t take the heat then get out of the kitchen. Everyone loves being in the kitchen. It smells good.  The stuff that comes out of there tastes good but sometimes it gets hot.  Honestly, if […]

Team Building in the Off Season ft. Jimmy Garrity (Episode 10)

Team Building We all want our teams to have good chemistry. Most coaches want them to become better people off the court as well as on the court.  Coach Garrity at Wofford University discusses a team building program that he uses with his team. Tell us about what you do in the off season to […]

Changing My Team’s Identity ft. Brenda Mock Kirkpatrick, (Episode 8)


Changing My Team’s Identity Every team will develop their own identity whether you want them to or not.  It is up to coaches to shape and focus those energies appropriately. Coach Mock arrived at UNC Asheville and the program had a culture that she wanted to change.  She discusses how her program evolved into a […]